Adding buttons, content, the new season

First, the button- 

So, did that work? Not sure, don’t think so, don’t know how to even tell……

One of my favorite ( blogs to follow) Quilting Jetgirl is going to share a { quilt along} starting in July that looks/ sounds wonderful. I’m planning to participate & would love to ( link up; share; and show the button— what the heck is the button anyway?) I copied & posted the ” stuff” in the box that said ( button code) but, it doesn’t look the same here & I don’t think it does anything… it supposed to do something? Probably….
Moving on.

I have been sewing– although not as much as I would like has been accomplished. I have a quilt loaded on the long arm, almost to the 1/2 way point quilting it. It was going well, had me excited to see it to completion; then I had to stop to go to work; then I got sick — to the tune of hospital admission– then I came home. ( I swear, feeling worse than when I went in) . Then back to work…. It all started On May 1st, here we are May 30 th. Work tonight & tomorrow night, more doctor appointments Wednesday & Thursday….UGH!                           

  I go to work & friends/ coworkers say….I thought you would bring in that quilt….. I will….if I ever get it off the quilt frame. 

I’ve managed little bits of hand sewing, still on block 10 of my Millifiore; managed to completely stitch one block of my newest wool hand appliqué, almost done with the second block. 

Did some mending , And, completed my two May  swap projects ( a tote bag and a mugrug). I’m up early– maybe I will get some sewing done today before needing to nap before working all night….

I have ( quilty and sewing) friends who never sew At All in the summertime. Once the weather gets nice that’s it….. I sew a lot ( normally) in the perceived ( off season) . In the past spring/ summer was when I had a chance to catch up on My projects — fall/ winter more time was spent on ( customer) projects. The past year or so I haven’t drummed up much business. Not getting to sewing group, or guild meetings. Just not ( out there). I hope to Change that this year. Finally settling into a consistent work schedule that isn’t so disruptive helps. 

I’ve been working on photographic projects more lately. ( having my first Great grand child is incentive– he’s so very cute!) 

Happy, healthy baby boy and my ever so beautiful first granddaughter all grown up & a mommy! 

We are planning to have 5 generation pictures taken ( soon). My getting sick set that back.      😔
So, things to work on……

Figure out that ( button thing) before the quilt along in July.

Finish quilting that quilt on the frame.

Finish piecing the top of an appliqué test pattern quilt ( should be done today)

Clean, declutter, spring clean, clean the garage— was our plan when I landed in the hospital.

Get 5 generation photos taken

Put together a new quilting portfolio, get back into the ( business) of quilting.

All needs to be done – yesterday- so, they aren’t in any particular order- just need to accomplish & mark off what I can, as I can . 

I hope everyone is enjoying decent weather, is safe where ever you are, and remembering what this weekend is all about — Remembering! 

Thanks for stopping by

Next post I hope to be sharing ( Quilty) pictures. 


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