Always learning.

Boy, I know it’s been awhile. Bought a new iPad & for some reason couldn’t ( until now) access my blog. It’s been crazy.


working A Lot for this past month– things are straightening out  on that front.

Spring had finally ( hopefully) sprung. A few nice days and the snow is gone from the yards. There are still some patches in the woods, but it’s nice out.

Sewing/ quilting I’ve been accomplishing some things. Making a good dent in my fabric shelves. Working hard on the { fabric moratorium} this year. Only ( so far) having to purchase backings for a couple quilts.

Ive been helping a friend / co worker learn to sew which has been fun. Putting together project kits & seeing her enthusiasm and excitement with each new accomplishment has been great. So far she has learned to make pillow cases, aprons, baskets, totes; she’s working on a patchwork quilt and has a ( skill builder) blocks by hand project. We are going to work more on using patterns & a project with a zipper is next. 🌞

I am just finishing a quilt that is a ( test pattern) for a new designer– can’t share pictures until the pattern publishes in the magazine– the ‘ body’ of the quilt top is finished, 840 (4″) triangles! Have the borders cut, hopefully get them on tomorrow. It was a challenge for me to make a totally ” scrappy” quilt, the best thing is I managed to do it all from scraps! That made a nice dent!

While I was constructing the triangles I found < leaders & Enders> Were helpful so, as I was cutting triangles out of scraps I also cut 3″ squares. Really helped dent the scrap tote.  For those I decided to join the squares to all white on white fabrics to ( try) to give it some continuity, so the whites were ( mostly) not scraps. I use whites, don’t really know why I don’t have white scraps….hmmm will ponder that.  So, now I have hundreds of 2patches sewn together for another scrap quilt. Going to start playing with that.

I had a customer bring over a new quilt top to get quilted, beautiful batik quilt. From the start I had problems, thread breakage, skipping stitches, frustration. After doing all I could think of, clean machine, change needles,rethreaded,  rewind bobbin; I ordered new thread when problems continued, set me back a week, new thread came, started over, same issues– oh crap– this means in for service….Ugh! Managed to get it to shop Friday morning, { Shout out– The Petoskey Sewing Center and Ford are great! If you are around be sure to stop by & check out all they have to offer) anyhow, dropped it off about 11 am Friday, Ford said he would be able to get to it that day, try to have it ready for me by Monday. About 5:45 Friday evening my phone rings & it’s the sewing center….oh no! First thought, going to need parts, going to take weeks….answered the phone, and hear….it’s all done, sewing like new! YEA!     Picked it up Saturday morning, came home set it up & had that quilt finished in a couple hours . Even  managed to go for a motorcycle ride with hubby , First 70* day,  great day all around. Nice to have a great day. Since I had to go back to work on Sunday.

I’ve been participating in a couple swaps this year, had stopped that for 3-4 years. Through the quilt board forum. One I’m doing is a project of the month. That one has been really fun, you just get one person to make something for, each month is a different project. We’ve done coasters ( I made paper pieced teacup coasters) , fabric baskets and this month an apron. I really look forward to the announcement of what our next project will be each month! 🙂 I’ve also been doing a monthly ” secret pal” where we receive a ( pal) name address & answers to a questionaire then put together a surprise package to send them. That one is really fun too.  I had been so wrapped up in work & personal ‘stuff’ that I had kind of stopped participating in the things I love to do. Fell into the routine of work, home, work, home – go to the store when the cupboards are bare. ( in a rut) this year is off to a much better  start, happy at work, happy at home,  enjoying being active  again.  Reunited with quilts friends, getting ” out there”.

Now that I’ve ( found) my place again I will try to share on a more regular basis, the next post will have some pictures.

I hope all is well in your world.





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