Time Flies!

January flew by in a blink!

I did manage to accomplish things, sorted, straightened & decluttered in the sewing room. There is still a lot to do but the fabric shelves are straightened, I can see what I have and so far I have used 7.75 yards of scraps and stash fabrics. It is good to use what I have.

I also ( shared) about 5 yards of fabrics — mostly fat quarters– and sent a friend 7 pounds of scraps. I have no idea how much fabric that is but it was sure nice to see that pile and bag go away. 🙂 .

I have quilted 4 customer quilts all ready this year, which is a good thing, since I do need to make the payments on that new longarm I bought. I didn’t do many quilts last year. Need to change that this year!  I also started going to sewing group again– getting back into the swing of things. having a work schedule that allows me to do these things is so much better for me.

I’ve finished the hand piecing on my grandmother’s flower garden table runner, still appliquing it to a background but it will be finished soon. I enjoyed making it and was moving right along then realized with Aunt Diane gone and mom in the care facility I have no one to give those things to  anymore. Now, I’m having trouble finishing it. But, I will.

I finished the top construction of an on-point applique quilt today, will put the borders on tomorrow. It is a test pattern for a designer with The Quilt Pattern Magazine — so, no peeking, or info, till it’s published..  It’s a good one!

After finishing the gfg table runner I went back to work on the Millefiore sew along project. Finished rosette #6 last week and am close to finishing #7 ( messed up a piece & had to take it apart a little while ago, decided it was time for a break.) 😆 . Here is the first 6 laid out.  It sure is busy!



Baby quilts are next to finish up– granddaughter’s shower is the    20 th. Think I’m going to make some flannel burp cloths too.

I have 4-5 quilt tops I need to get quilted and a {very late} repair job to get finished & returned on my stack of projects to get done. I’m trying to stay organized and getting things done, its a very slow process but I am making progress and (trudging along).

I really need to do some more rearranging in the sewing room, the table my machine is on is too high, hard on the shoulders and upper back when sewing, it’s just not a good set up. The space is still too cluttered though– I need to take the time to make it better, then I could spend more time in there. Even though I did a lot getting through the cotton fabric shelves the room is still quite                       {overwhelming} .  I tell myself as long as I am accomplishing something it’s going to be OK… But then I think I’m just avoiding what really needs to be done and I could accomplish so much more if I just got it done! I ( enable) my procrastination with justifications and excuses.

I ordered a new iPad, will be here this week…. Yea! Excited! Hopefully I will be able to do better with the blog, pictures and maybe finally manage to do tutorials and patterns. I’ve needed to take this step for quite a while. My tablet is just too limited.

So, my next post, news,  should be done with a new device and hopefully will have more accomplishments and pictures to share. Until next time– thanks for reading this and stopping by.



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