participating in the 3rd annual piggy bank challenge

I am going to join the 3rd annual ‘Piggy Bank Challenge’ by saving all my change for the next year. my goal is to save enough for a trip to a large quilt show next year. wish me luck. 🙂

I’ve had some log in problems and different (issues) lately with my blog—spent over an hour writing a new post just to have it ‘Puff’ disappear when I tried to add a picture…so frustrating. Also, I do not know if I am still a (no-reply) blogger- I have tried numerous times to fix that- but I do not seem to have any followers/readers/ traffic so, maybe I am the only one seeing any of this…wish I knew.

going to (try) to add the button for the Piggy bank Challenge- see how that goes.

<div align=”center”>
<a href=”; title=”Val’s Quilting Studio”><img src=”*” alt=”Val’s Quilting Studio” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>


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