stepping forward in the blog world

I have joined a group of bloggers ( 2015-new-quilt- bloggers) to share and learn more about this journey. Pretty excited! It is time consuming though. I need to look over my { time management} plan and work in dedicated ‘blog time’ I think.

I also need to work on organizing photo files. I have photos                        ( scattered) in too many places, 3 cameras, the tablet, the computer, the phone…. I need to get them all together ( somewhere) so I can share them.

I am working a full time job, night shift- 6:30 pm to 7am….long nights… During those wee hours I try to have a hand stitching project to work on, this year I chose the Millefiore hexagon English PaperPiece sew along project. I am behind the group, just finished stitching the components of the second rosette, still need to put it all together. This one has gone much faster than the first rosette. I am optimistic about the progress picking up speed ( not that its a race). It will be the Busiest quilt I’ve ever made I think!

Here is a picture of rosette 2 laid out, still needs to be stitched together- hope to make progress on that tonight.

IMG_20150602_074631 IMG_20150602_074645 IMG_20150602_074658

Then onto rosette 3.

I am using all scraps for this project which adds to the challenge. The people who have watched me work on this are loving it, which keeps me motivated.

At home I am working on getting all my applique blocks stitched for my ” Seasonal Silhouettes ” quilt. I have 7 stitched, 5 to go then this quilt can come together. I love it when they start coming together! 🙂


Here are 6 of the 12 blocks.

Today is going to be a busy day, my son & daughter in law are here for a very brief visit from Florida, we will only have a couple hours with them today- it’s been 3 years since our last visit- so looking forward to having what time we will have. And, I do have to work tonight, so hope to manage a nap…. So, I should put this away for now and accomplish a few things before it gets busy. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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